• Car Valet In Hale Barns

    We come to your home or place of work , we have great deals for multipull bookings at the same address at the same time, e,g, if you have your car valeted at work and another person from your work has their car valeted , you and the other person gets both valets cheaper,

    We carry everything that we need to carry out your car valet ,All electrical and products needed, We will try to do your valet without causing any fuss to you

    Valet 1

    A Valet 1 is basically the outside of your car only , we dont touch the inside at all, we wash and hand dry the car and clean the wheels and jet wax the whole car

    Valet 2

    A Valet 2 is outside and inside of your car , we wash and hand dry the car outside and wipe down and coat all the dashboard and all other parts inside , clean all glass empty ash trays

    Valet 3

    A Valet 3 is the same as a valet 2 with a wax added to it

  • Mobile Car Valet Areas Covered

    These are just some of the most common ares we work in :

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  • Mobile car valeting

    Mobile car valeting in manchester and altrincham

  • Car Valeting In Manchester

    We are a fully mobile car valeting service based near manchester airport , the van is fully stocked with all the best names in car valeting products , we have our own generator so we dont need any power connections , we are very maticulas in our car valets and take the time needed to do your valet with extra care,



manchester car valeting

Phone: 07943 825277

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